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Master the key technology of aerospace industry and provide complete solutions to customers

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APEC keeps up with the constantly shifting trends within Aerospace industry, starting from aircraft aluminum to Titanium alloy to CFRP. We have learned the importance about flexible manufacturing capability and machining process optimization. Nevertheless, APEC also pays attention to the development of new energy vehicles including usage of lightweight materials in structural parts and we have come up with different solutions to cope with the trends. As a result, APEC is an ideal strategic partner of our customers to face various machining challenges.


APEC is the complete solutions provider of diverse aerospace modules, including fuselage structures, wing structures to aero engine parts. To cope with different configurations, we have managed to provide a wide range of machines depending on the type of material to be machined. There are diverse 5-axis machine specifications, spindles and other integration accessories which could be chosen from. Since the design of aerospace parts are based on 5-axis/multi-axis machining technology, APEC has devoted ourselves in this fields for decades. What's more, APEC has also developed various 2-axis heads and rotary table so that we could master the key technology.  APEC products have been sold all over the world successfully and continues to grow rapidly.


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