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5-axis Gantry Vertical Machining Center

G800-TR series

  • G800
-Suitable for aerospace engine processing
-Rapid traverse could reach 48m/min 
-High rigidity U-frame structure
-Milling and turning compound machining (optional)

  • Three-axis is driven at center of gravity(DCG)

    The driven centers of the three-axis are all on these gravity centers, which greatly improves the dynamic stability of the structure.

    Compact trunnion rotary table
    X/Y/Z axis moving and table rotation are working individually to make sure machining is free from 3 axis inertia influences. The perfect servo-driven design gives excellent machining stability.

    High rigidity U-frame structure
    The saddle and column form a closed structure. High rigidity machines could reduce vibration effectively, increase processing stability and improve machining accuracy.

    The Direct-Drive Motor directly drives the rotary table to provide high-precision machining.
    The A / C axis are driven by direct-drive motors. The power can be completely transmitted and provides high-precision machining capabilities.

  • Specification Unit G800-TR G800T
    X-axis mm 800
    Y-axis mm 830
    Z-axis mm 560
    A-axis deg ±120
    C-axis deg ±360
    A-axis torque(S1/max) Nm 4,268/7,554 4,240/6,920
    C-axis torque(S1/max) Nm 2,134/3,777 1,490/2,460
    Rapid traverse m /min XYZ=48
    X.Y.Z axis acceleration m/sec² 4
    Spindle taper   HSK63A HSK63T
    Spindle speed rpm 20,000 20,000
    Spindle power
    ( S1 / S6)
    kW 20/24 20/23
    Spindle torque
    ( S1 / S6)
    Nm 45.5/55 85/99
    Tool shank pcs 32T
    Max. tool length mm 300
    Max. tool diameter with
    adjacent tool
    mm Ø75
    Max. tool diameter
    without an adjacent tool
    mm Ø120
    Weight tons. 15.5
    *Please contact our sales if you have a special requirement.
    *All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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