Gantry Type

Aerospace Composite Dedicated
5-axis High-Speed Gantry Machining Center

CM series

  • 001
  • 天棚
  • CM
-For aerospace composite processing
-Dust collecting and filtering system
-Xaxis driven by rack and pinion
-Y/Z-axis driven by ball screws 

  • Dust collecting & filtering system for working area and spindle nose

    The NC controllable telescopic dust suction hood can stretch automatically by NC code or M function, and won’t interference tool changing.

    NC controllable top roof sliding cover
    It can prevent the oil mist and dust from overflowing the processing area to protect the health of the operator and the keep air quality.
  • Specification Unit CM3040
    X-axis mm 4,000
    Y-axis mm 3,000
    Z-axis mm 1,500
    Rapid traverse m /min XY=30 Z=20
    Spindle taper   HSK63F
    Spindle speed rpm 28,000
    Spindle power
    ( S 1 / S6)
    kW 20/25
    Spindle torque
    ( S 1 / S6)
    Nm 32/40
    Recommended 2-axis head   Mono Support Milling Head
    Swivel/Rotation Torque Nm A=133/286
    Swivel/Rotation Speed rpm A=C=100(cont)
    Swivel/Rotation Angle deg A=±110°~±125° C=±360°
    Tool shank pcs 20T
    Max. tool length mm 300
    Max. tool diameter with
    adjacent tool
    mm Ø70
    Weight tons. 35-65
    *Please contact our sales if you have a special requirement.
    *All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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