Horizontal Type

5-axis Horizontal Machining Center


  • HS1400 力流說明
  • 軸向_工作區域-1
  • HS1400-關門-cmp-900
  • HS1400-開門-cmp-900
-Special for aerospace superalloy processing
-High rigidity T-shaped structure design
-Double-wall and symmetrical structure design
-X/Y/Z-axis driven by high-speed ball screw
  • 45° degree saddle design

    The saddle is designed with a 45-degree angle and matched with a fork-type head, the machine can achieve more angles of cutting range.


    The ribb ed s tructure of the b ottom b ed is V-shaped ribs to make the s tructure s trong and ensure pro cessing s tability. The shor test configuration of the force flow between the guide rail and the anchor bolts meets the demand for high rigidity.

    Double-wall structure designed column

    Increase the structure rigidity and to minimize the
    possibilities of thermal deformation.

    The base structure is optimized through Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    The X-axis adopts a high and low r ail design. The L 1
    size is larger than other indus try and driving the
    center of gravity is closer to the tool tip point, which
    improves rigidity and stability. It is suitable for
    processing difficult-to-cut materials and achieves
    perfect cutting dynamic characteristics.

  • Specification Unit HS1400
    X-axis mm 1,800
    Y-axis mm 1,250
    Z-axis mm 1,320
    B-axis torque(S1/max) mm 2,134/3,777
    X.Y.Z axis acceleration m /min XYZ=50
    Spindle taper   HSK100A
    Spindle speed rpm 12,000
    Spindle power
    ( S 1 / S6)
    kW 50/76
    Spindle torque
    ( S 1 / S6)
    Nm 200/302
    Tool shank pcs 40T
    Max. tool length mm 450
    Max. tool diameter with
    adjacent tool
    mm Ø125
    Max. tool diameter
    without an adjacent tool
    mm Ø250
    Weight tons. 25
    *Please contact our sales if you have a special requirement.
    *All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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