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MC30200 5-axis Extra Large Scale High Speed Double Column Ma
| MC30200 series | 5-axis Extra Large Scale High Speed Double Column Machining Center

The moving column type double two-axis head double-tool storage is the first in the world. It is equipped with a high-end configuration of 30,000-rpm dual high-power spindle and Sinumerik 840D sl five-axis CNC controller. It is equipped with high-speed gear tooth row drive system and self-developed side. Hanging continuous indexing two-axis head and powerful chipping system can greatly improve the processing efficiency. The working area full-density sheet metal and mechanical vision auxiliary system can isolate the oil mist and flying debris in the working area and monitor the condition in the processing area. The utility model can flexibly realize the high-speed processing process of the elongated aluminum alloy wing structure of the large passenger aircraft.