About APEC,large high speed 5 axis machining expert
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    E-mail : sales@apeccnc.com
Company Profile

    Asia Pacific Elite Corp.  was  well-established  in  2001  and  was  later  the  subsidiary  of  the  biggest

    Taiwan machine tool company-Tongtai Group. APEC is also positioned as Tongtai R&D center for

    new  product  in  central  Taiwan. APEC’s purpose  is  to  apply  linear  motor  technology  and  develop

    high  speed  and  high  accuracy  machining  centers. APEC  also  continues  cooperation  with  ITRI

    (Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute)  and  strategizes  with  German  and  Italian  R&D



    R&D milestones

    1. The  1st  investor  dedicated  in  studying  difficult  linear  motor  drive  technology,  typically  for

    large-scale  machine  tool.

    2. Over  10  years  experience  in  5 - axis  high - speed  advanced - level  science  and  technology.

    3. APEC  is  the  1st  machine  maker  in  Taiwan  who  successfully  delivered  large-scale  5-axis  high

    speed  machining  center  to  users.  Moreover, APEC  uses  the  best  components  supplied  from  the

    world’ s professional manufacturers and has a strong R&D team, high accurate production, rigorous

    quality  control  and  customer-application-oriented  technology.  APEC becomes  the  only  large-scale

    5-axis gantry machining center manufacturer in  Asia.  Since then,  APEC has won wide acceptance

    and  good  reputation  among  segments  of  industry, such as semiconductor, photonics, automobile

    mold  and  die,  aerospace  and  so  on.


    R&D momentum

    1. The  only  one  and  the 1st  machine  tool  manufacturer  who  successfully  passed  the  national

    large - scale  projects  ( NSC - tech  equipment  large  prospective  research  cooperation  program ),

    confirming the company’ s technical capabilities, R&D capabilities, product level by government and

    academic  experts.

    2. APEC  built  a  special factory for various large - scale machines to study , assembly , testing , and

    measurement  for  5-axis  technology  in  Taiwan  Precision  Industry  Park, and  implement  its  core

    competiveness : 5-axis  tech, high  speed  cutting, and  product  application.

    3.  Excusively   co-develop   static   and   dynamic   5-axis   spatial   tolerance   measurement   and

    compensation  with  academic  institutes.