About APEC,large high speed 5 axis machining expert
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Company Profile
Major strengths

Creating Benchmarks of Large-Scale 5-axis Experts

 5-axis Aerospace, Die & Mold Total Solutions 




1. APEC has wealth and successful practical experience which meets customer requirements

We focus on 5 axis aerospace machining and already completed the first machine delivery and installation overseas. We continue delivering   machines to Taiwan and overseas industry, such as mold, automotive, aerospace, special electrical  equipment, etc.



2. APEC has maintenance ability for 5-axis key parts, and owns complete spare parts

Thanks to the cumulative number of 5-axis machine sales, we has established a comprehensive  spare parts warehouse for faster replacement and repair. After transferring 5-axis assembly and maintenance technique from Europe to APEC, we have a professional team to maintain and  assembly attachment heads.



3. APEC assists customers to implement 5-axis technology

With complete 5-axis technology ( aerospace / die & mold solutions ), APEC has been successfully counseling and implementing  5-axis machining technology to many customers We are able to provide a professional  5-axis training course.



4. APEC spent a long period in researching and developing large-scale 5-axis high speed

machines , and continues to explore insight of 5-axis technology

APEC has passed through a national science plan, and becomes the 1st successful applicant  of a large-scale machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan.